Promoting simulation in medical education

SESAM is a multiprofessional network of simulation enthusiasts in Europe.
SESAM was founded in Copenhagen in August 1994.

Upcoming Meetings

Simulated and Standardized Patients Advanced Course

Maastricht University, Maastricht, Netherlands, April 9-11, 2014


IPSSW 2014 - International Pediatric Simulation Symposia and Workshops

Vienna, Austria, April 23-25, 2014

2014 UK Simulation in Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Conference

University of Chester, Chester, UK, June 4-5, 2014


SESAM 2014

our annual meeting

Poznan, Poland, June 12-14, 2014

SPSIM 2014 - Swiss Conference on Standardized Patients and Simulation in Healthcare

Bern, Switzerland, September 10-12, 2014


HPSN Europe 2014

Acibadem University, Istanbul, Turkey, October 16-18 2014

Istanbul (TR)


Who we are:

SIMMERK is a Medical Simulation Center that was established as a unit of Istanbul Health Directorate and has a leading role as being the first medical simulation center in Turkey. Our center has been active since 2007 and is currently serving at its own building located in Levent – Istanbul. Our center has a multidisciplinary approach to medical simulation. Simmerk is also integrated to the Biomedical Department of Istanbul Health Directorate.

Büyükdere Road, Binbircicek Street
No:2/3 – 4 , Levent, Besiktas
Istanbul / TURKEY Pbox: 34330

Tel: +90 (216) 268 3545

Our Team:

Istanbul Health Director: Prof. Ali Ihsan Dokucu M.D.

SIMMERK Executive Director: M. Emin AKSOY M.D., Ph.D.

Education Director: Cengiz YUMRU MD.

Instructors: All physicians are working part time in the centre.

Anaesthesia Simulation

  • Dilek Kitapc─▒oglu M.D. (Anaesthesiologist)
  • Gulay Eren M.D. (Anaesthesiologist)
  • G.Ulufer Sivrikaya M.D. (Anaesthesiologist)
  • Inci Paksoy M.D. (Anaesthesiologist)
  • Emel Kocer Gur M.D. (Anaesthesiologist)
  • Aysenur Boztepe M.D. (Anaesthesiologist)
  • Yesim Abut M.D. (Anaesthesiologist)
  • Kerem Erkalp M.D. (Anaesthesiologist)
  • Naile Toprak M.D. (Anaesthesiologist)

General Surgery and Videoendoscopy Simulation

  • Assoc.Prof. Asim Cingi M.D. (General Surgeon)
  • Okan Demiray M.D. (General Surgeon)
  • Dogan Gonullu M.D. (General Surgeon)
  • Assoc. Prof.Selim Sari M.D. (General Surgeon)
  • Kerim Ozakay M.D. (General Surgeon)
  • Sefika Aksoy M.D. (General Surgeon)

Ultrasound Imaging Simulation

  • Yesim KAR M.D. (Radiologist)
  • Filiz Islim M.D. (Radiologist)
  • Assoc.Prof. Ender Yumru M.D.(Obs&Gyn)

Urology Simulation

  • Cenk Gurbuz M.D. (Urologist)
  • Can Balci M.D. (Urologist)

Pediatric Simulator

  • Feray Guven M.D. (Pediatrics)
  • Serdar Comert M.D. (Pediatrics)


What we are using:

Our simulation systems are;

  • Laerdal Simman (x2)
  • Surgical Science Lapsim
  • Symbionix GI MENTOR II
  • Karl Storz URO Trainer PRO
  • Schallware Ultrasound Simulator


What we are doing:

SIMMERK, Test and Simulation Center, provides mainly anaesthesiology simulation and simulation for other disciplines which are at high risk fields that requires a way to practice skills without compromising patient safety.

Anaesthesia training includes scenarios that replicate real anaesthesiology emergencies like difficult airway and crises in the operating room, in our simulation laboratories, to allow students, residents, and physicians to practice these important skills.

The main courses can be listed as:


  • Basic Life Support
  • Advanced Cardiac Life Support
  • Difficult Airway Management
  • Crisis Management in O.R.

Laparoscopic Surgery

  • Basic Laparoscopy
  • Advanced Laparoscopy for General Surgeons
  • Advanced Laparoscopy for Obstetrics&Gynecology


  • Gastroscopy
  • Colonoscopy
  • ERCP
  • Endo u/s Imaging

Ultrasound Imaging

  • Abdominal module
  • Pelvic Module
  • Obs&Gyn Module
  • Echocardiography Module

Urology Simulation

  • TUR (With laser/W.O. Laser)
  • Cystoscopy

SIMMERK has been serving to health professionals for more than three years. For the time being, 421 Anaesthesiology, 83 General Surgery, 10 Radiology residents, 148 consultant physicians and 409 paramedics have completed their medical simulation training. Our aim is to generalize the use of medical simulation concept and to integrate simulation into medical education in Turkey.


Some Impressions

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