SESAM - Society in Europe for Simulation applied to medicine


SESAM Constitution

The name of the society is the "Society in Europe for Simulation Applied to Medicine", known hereafter and registered as "SESAM".

The SESAM-society is to be registered in the register of associations, after which it will receive the endorsement "e.V" (eingetragene Verein - registered association").   

The purpose of SESAM is:

  • The development and application of simulation in education, research and quality management in medicine and health care.
  • Facilitation, exchange and improvement of the technology and knowledge throughout Europe.
  • Establishment of combined research facilities.    

SESAM has its registered office in Göttingen.


Membership is open to every natural person and every legal body, and those equivalent institutions or corporations that are actively involved with the issues of simulation, or with the practical execution of simulation in the areas of education, training and research.

Corporate membership is welcome. Benefits include: E-mail on mailing list; ability to send six clearly identifiable corporate messages by e-mail to the mailing list; storage of one HTML file on the SESAM server; access to the "corporate forum" on the homepage with access to all forum members.

Membership applications must be sent to the Executive Committee in writing. The Executive Committee decides on acceptance by resolution.   

Resignations from SESAM can be effected with an informal letter to the Executive Committee. Furthermore, membership is discontinued upon death of natural persons and upon dissolution/termination of the legal body or corporation.

Members can be asked to resign from the membership when the Executive Committee determines that there is no basis for further affiliation. Such an action would require agreement from the majority of the members of SESAM. Membership is automatically cancelled if the membership dues are not paid.  

Membership dues may be settled at any point during the year. The amount of the membership dues is set by the General Assembly.  

SESAM is represented by an Executive Committee and a General Assembly 

The Executive Committee consists of a president, vice president, secretary and treasurer, each of whom is solely authorized to represent SESAM.

Executive Committee members are elected by the General Assembly.

In case of the resignation of a member of the Executive Committee, the other members of the Executive Committee are required to find a substitute. This action must be confirmed at the next General Assembly.

If an Executive Committee member resigns membership from the SESAM society, the member automatically steps down from office in the Executive Committee.

Office holders are elected for two years and can be re-elected once.

Tasks of the Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is empowered to represent SESAM for legal purposes. Tasks for a single purpose that involve more than 2000 Euros require approval from the General Assembly.

Resolutions made by the Executive Committee will only be accepted when the majority of members are in agreement. In case of a tie, the president casts the deciding vote.

The General Assembly takes place each year in conjunction with a scientific meeting or workshop. A notice of the assembly includes the agenda and is to be sent to all members at least one month in advance by e-mail. Decisions may not be made on matters that are not part of the agenda unless they are made unanimously. Resolutions of the General Assembly shall be carried by a simple majority of the members that are present.

An Extraordinary General Assembly can be requested by one third of members via a written request to the president. The assembly should take place within two months of receipt of the request. An Extraordinary General Assembly must also take place when society interests require it. The same rules of invitation apply to the Extraordinary General Assembly, as apply for the ordinary General Assembly.

Resolutions of the General Assembly must be put in writing and must be signed by the President or Vice President. All members will receive a transcript of the minutes.

The language used by SESAM is English.

Leiden, April 18,1998
Amended on March 31, 2001 in Stirling, UK
Amended on May 19, 2005 in Bristol, UK