About Seville

Seville Old Quarter


Seville is the capital city of Andalusia, located in the South of Spain in the valley of the Guadalquivir river which allowed Seville to play an important role in commerce between Spain and the Americas.  Today, although is situated around 80km from the Atlantic Ocean, Seville is still one of the most active river port in Spain.

Recognised as one of Spain’s most charming cities, the city is known worldwide for its culture, monuments and artistic heritage and is famously the birthplace of Flamenco and also makes claims to be the originator of Spain’s famous Tapas.

You will be able to enjoy this vibrant and friendly city and perhaps visit some of its best-known sites including the palace of the Reales Alcazares, its cathedral which is the third-largest in the world as well as being the final resting place of Christopher Columbus, the breathtaking Giralda tower or the resting place of – all scented with the orange blossoms of the famous Seville oranges which fragrance every corner.

Seville is a very accessible city: its airport offers a wide range of international flights and it is linked by high-speed trains to many cities across Europe.  Visiting Seville is an experience you will never forget and we look forward to welcoming you for SESAM 2022.


Seville has a Mediterranean climate and is the warmest city in Continental Europe.  With around eight hours of sunshine each day, possibly a quick shower, temperatures in April can range from 11°C to 24°C with a daily average of around 18°C.



The official currency in Seville is the Euro (€), as in much of the European common area. 

The most accepted payment method across the city is of course cash.  Credit and debit cards are widely accepted however by no means should you expect to be able to use them everywhere you go, many smaller shops and restaurants do not accept them. ATMs are available at airports, train stations and throughout the city. For current exchange rates visit: www.xe.com or download their app.

When paying for a meal, if you want to leave a tip, generally there is no option to add this to the credit card payment so be prepared to leave some cash.  Anywhere between 5 – 10% of your bill is considered a normal tip in Spain.  Some restaurants may include a service charge, but it is not common practice.



Electrical sockets take standard European two-pin plugs. We advise that you bring adaptors with you, which can usually purchase at your departure airport.



The official language in Seville is Spanish, although with a rather characteristic accent.


Although it isn’t necessary to be fluent in Spanish, as many locals speak English, it is certainly worth taking some time to learn a few words and phrases.  More often than not, a little Spanish will get a smile and better service so try to learn a few phrases:

Buenos días (bweh-nahs dee-ahs) - Good Morning

Buenos tardes (bweh-nahs tahr-dehs) - Good Afternoon

Buenos noches (bweh-nahs noh-chehs) - Good Evening

Hola (oh-lah) - Hello

Adiós (ah-dyohs) - Goodbye

Por favor (pohr fah-bohr) - Please

Gracias (grah–syahs) - Thank you

Perdón/Perdone (pehr-dohn) – Excuse me

¿Hablas inglés? (ah–blahs eeng–glehs)- Do you speak English?

No hablo Español - I don't speak Spanish

¿Se acepta tarjetas? (se acepta tahr-heh-tah) – Do you take credit cards? / Are cards accepted?

Spanish to English is a pretty common translation combination so you’ll find lots of different apps to cater for this including Google Translate.  Perfect for when you are reading a menu but are unsure of what is on offer.


Time Zones

Seville has the same time zone as Central Europe (GMT +1). Capital such as Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin or Stockholm share the same time zone as Seville.

Usually, activity starts around 08:00 with breakfast between 09:00 and 11:00.  Lunch is served from 14:00 until 15:00 or even 14:00.  Dinner is served between 21:00 and 23:00.

Normal business hours are from Monday to Saturday, 09:30 to 20:00 with a rest between 14:00 and 17:00, of course, there is some variation depending on the type of establishment and the area of the city.