SESAM - Society in Europe for Simulation applied to medicine


How does the competition work?

The competition will consist of six teams of healthcare students (four or five students per team). The teams will be split into two groups of three teams. The first group will compete in stage 1 and second in stage 2. The winning team from each group will then compete against each other in the finals to determine the SESAM SimUniversity 2018 Champions.

Each team will be confronted with basic clinical emergency scenarios (e.g. resuscitation, allergic shock, myocardial infarction etc.). After every scenario, the team will be debriefed by expert facilitators with a focus on both medical treatment and non-technical skills. The facilitators will identify the winner based on their ratings.



Tuesday 26 June

2030-2130: SimUniversity Reception (private invitation only)


Wednesday 27 June

0830-1000: Briefing

1445-1615:  Stage 1 (Teams 1, 2 & 3 compete)


Thursday 28 June

0830-1000: Briefing

1030-1200: Stage 2 (Teams 4, 5 & 6 compete)

1500-1630: SimUniversity Final


Friday 29 June

1530-1600: Winners Announced (SESAM Closing Session)