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Standardized Patient Special Interest Group (SP SIG)

SP (Standardized/Simulated Patient) methodology is one of the modalities of simulation which provides the most human interaction and warmth in the simulation activities. SPs can be used as the only component of the simulation or the enhancing partner of the technical simulation scenario.

SPs are individuals who are trained to portray a patient with a specific condition in a realistic, standardized and repeatable way. SPs can be used for teaching and assessment of learners including, but not limited to, history/consultation, physical examination and other clinical skills in simulated clinical environments. SPs can also be used to give feedback and evaluate student performance.

Educators and/or clinicians who are interested in SP methodology are invited to join the SP SIG.

The aim of our group is to promote SP methodology, share our experiences and encourage our members to use this methodology in their simulation activities, supporting the goals of SESAM in healthcare education, assessment and research.


SESAM SP SIG Survey 2017

SESAM SP SIG Survey 2017 is a short 2-3 minute research survey that Professor Melih Elcin, MD, MSc is conducting to gather data regarding the use of SP (Standardized/Simulated Patient) methodology among members of SESAM and/or participants of the SESAM 2017 Annual Meeting. 

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Prof. Melih Elcin, MD, MSc