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First professional conference on simulation-based training in medicine in Ukraine

The meeting was co-organised and attended by SESAM Vice-President Stefan Gisin, who was able to provide the following report and pictures from the event.

The conference, organized by the Swiss-Ukrainian Mother and Child Health Programme, supported by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health and endorsed by SESAM, took place in Kiev,Ukraine on March 19-20, 2015. The conference was intended for teachers and managers from Ukrainian medical universities and other health care institutions, as well for all educators, clinicians and instructors already actively using simulation-based training in their daily practice.

More than 100 participants from all over Ukraine were actively involved into plenary and practical sessions. During the conference, they were able to:

  • Listen to the lectures, and ask questions to the keynote speakers who came to Ukraine from several European countries, including: Stefan Gisin, vice-president of the European Society for Simulation Applied to Medicine (SESAM) and head of the simulation center SimBa in Basel, Switzerland; Ana Reynolds, pedagogical coordinator of the simulation center CESIMED in Porto, Portugal; Łukasz Gąsiorowski, director of the medical simulation center in Poznań, Poland, Lukas Opitz, neonatologist and pediatrician from Nice, France. Other speakers were from Switzerland, Ukraine, Poland and Moldova.
  • Participate in practical sessions, such as: cardiopulmonary resuscitation of adults and children; step-by-step development of scenarios for simulation training; role plays and hybrid simulation scenarios; simulation of cordocentesis and amniocentesis.

“Topics of all the sessions are so interesting that I would like to go everywhere,” said many participants during the coffee breaks. The general feedback was very positive. Rich content, powerful combination of the theory and practice, open and friendly communication became the keys to success of this event. Moreover, the participants were happy to get such gifts as the new e-learning module on shoulder dystocia and a manual on establishing a simulation center.

The active involvement of all participants gives hope that more events in this field will be organized in Ukraine in the near future. “For our project, it is very important that this conference provided a great momentum for the development of simulation-based medical training in Ukraine, and became the first platform to build the medical simulation community in Ukraine,” said Natalia Riabtseva, Head of the Swiss-Ukrainian Mother and Child Health Programme implementation office.

Please click below for selected images from the event.

Kiev March 2015