Backround and Purpose 

The SESAM Nursing Special Interest Group is a network for professionals dedicated and with special interest in the field and all aspects of simulation based nursing care and simulation based healthcare. The Nursing SIG provides SESAM members a structured environment to collaborate, research and share with each other different experiencies and knowledge no matter the distance or culture, possibiliting to get mutual support and the opportunity to look beyond our own borders. 

During the last SESAM Annual Meeting held in Lisbon in June 2023, a group of nursing simulation professionals and enthusiasts met with the objective of gathering together and meet each other, explore the needs and interest of creating a collaborative networking strategy in simulation based nursing care, and to define a leadership and governance structure for the future Nursing SIG.


In accordance with the aims of SESAM, the mission of Nursing SIG is to create and facilitate a safe and structured environment to support nursing and healthcare simulation, based on collaborative networking within nursing and other interprofessional communities through education, mentoring and research. 


To improve patient and professionals safety by leading change and transforming clinical practice, promoting and supporting excellence in the field of nursing and healthcare simulation.


  1. Increase nursing professionals presence within SESAM from European and International healthcare simulation commumity. 
  2. Increase nursing members involvement and activities by facilitating and promoting opportunities for collaboration and networking. 
  3. Increase nursing members involvement and connections by facilitating and promoting opportunities for collaboration and networking with others SIG´s members and Committees. 
  4. Increase and generate collaboration and networking with external partners to improve and promote healthcare simulation in the field of nursing education and practice. 

Nursing SIG Structure and Governance 

  1. Chair: TBC
  2. Vice Chair: TBC
  3. Secretary: TBC