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Pre-Conference Workshops Draft

Delegates are invited to take part and make the most of their time in Bilbao by registering to attend the pre-conference workshops. Space will be limited so you are encouraged to register early. 

PCW 1 – Behind the Screens: Students in Advanced Simulation [View Abstract]

Price: €95.00

Session: Wednesday 27th June 2018 (08:30 – 12:00)

Topic: Faculty Development

Facilitators: Anne Mielke, Anne Lippert and Peter Dieckmann

Brief description:

Many simulation centres struggle to find a qualified workforce to implement their courses, and pre-graduate students often welcome the idea of extra learning opportunities.

We argue that both the students and the simulation centre can benefit from integrating students into their faculty.

We aim to show the participants the pros and cons of utilising students, how best to establish a student faculty and to teach participants how to facilitate students in various scenarios.

PCW 2 – Best Practice as applied to Standardised (Simulated) Patient Methodology [View Abstract]

Price: €95.00

Session: Wednesday 27th June 2018 (08:30 – 12:00)

Topic: Curriculum Development

Facilitators: Valerie Fulmer, Tonya Thompson, Amelia Wallace and Dena Higbee

Brief description:

As the international organisation for professionals in the field of Simulated and Standardised Patient methodology, the Association of Standardised Patient Educators (ASPE) is excited to offer this immersive workshop on foundational concepts and basic skills for SP methodologists.

In this experiential workshop, led by ASPE experts, participants will explore the methodology that defines the rapidly expanding contribution of SPs to the field of simulation-based education.

Standards of Best Practice and evidence-supported approaches to key SP practices, including the selection of quality SPs, case development, SP training, and elements of feedback training will be explored.

A variety of formats will keep the workshop interactive.

Those new to SP Education will benefit most from this workshop, however, more experienced participants may appreciate a deeper understanding of the fundamentals of SP methodology as it applies to individual practice and standard alignment.

PCW 3 – Emergency Crisis Resource Management. Un neuvo proyecto formativo de la Sociedad Española de Medicina de Urgencias y Emergencias [View Abstract]

Price: €95.00

(Please note that this session will be conducted in Spanish)

Sesión: Miércoles 27th Junio 2018 (08:30 – 12:00)

Tema: Seguridad del paciente / Mejora de la calidad

Facilitadores: Salvador Espinosa Ramírez, José María Quintillá Martínez, Lukas Drabauer, María Gracia Adanez Martínez, Victor Fernández Gallego

Breve descripción:

En la gestión de un evento crítico son necesarias habilidades técnicas (los conocimientos médicos y su aplicación), y habilidades no técnicas (toma de decisiones, cognición, equipo y gestión de recursos).

El entrenamiento en CRM está basado en la premisa de que tanto las habilidades técnicas como no técnicas son esenciales para la gestión de un evento crítico y deberían ser desarrolladas en paralelo.

El concepto CRM es muy apropiado en los servicios de urgencias, debido a la naturaleza a menudo crítica y caótica de los eventos que se viven y a que en ellos interviene personal sanitario y no sanitario de muy diferentes disciplinas. La formación CRM es el escenario perfecto para celebrar sesiones interdisciplinarias, en las que intervienen médicos, enfermeras, técnicos, personal administrativo, etc.

El proyecto ECRM-SEMES incluye elementos tales como:

  1. Un catálogo de incidentes con recomendaciones para evitar, reconocer y gestionar
  2. Un marco de referencia para comprender los factores humanos y el error humano
  3. Son casos para estudio para aclarar cuestiones de rendimiento
  4. Son sesiones de simulación realista
  5. Es Debriefing estructurado de actuaciones en simulación para clarificar tanto las habilidades técnicas como los aspectos CRM de la gestión del evento.

PCW 4 – Learning to Debrief in Clinical Environments using the TALK© Framework [View Abstract]

Price: €95.00

Session: Wednesday 27th June 2018 (08:30 – 12:00)

Topic: Debriefing

Facilitators: Cristina Diaz-Navarro, Esther León Castelao, Sigrún Qvindesland, Iago Pérez Pérez, Angela Jones, Andrew Hadfield and Munt García Font

Brief description:

Debriefing is the process of an individual or team formally reflecting on their performance after a particular task, a shift or a critical event (World Health Organisation 2009). TALK proposes an easy way to guide a constructive conversation between team members whenever new insights might be learnt from clinical experience. This includes cases or sessions in which things went well, but also near misses and untoward events.

TALK© is a communication tool which aims to guide multi-professional clinical teams learning and improving quality of patient care and patient safety together. It is a simple and practical approach to multi-professional structured feedback and debriefing, to be used after unplanned learning events in clinical environments.

This project is currently funded by a Marie Slodowska-Curie Actions RISE grant awarded by the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme. This grant supports a 3-year research and innovation project on the use of the TALK© framework for clinical debriefing. For more information visit:


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