SESAM Strategy Document Summary


SESAM’s vision is improved healthcare through simulation. Enabling safe, patient-centred care delivered by a competent and confident healthcare workforce in a well-functioning healthcare system.



SESAM’s mission is to develop a sustainable inter-professional community of practice across Europe that strives to advance knowledge, improve quality, and promote the diffusion and access to healthcare simulation.

Sustainability . Community . Knowledge . Access . Quality . Policy



A. Sustainability

The continued presence and growth of a well-managed, financially secure, professionally relevant society with a sound infrastructure that is led by strong leaders is central to achieving SESAM’s mission and vision.

B. Community

Through focussed expansion of the diversity of SESAM membership a vibrant SESAM membership community at the forefront of simulation based and technology enhanced methodologies will be maintained. This will be achieved through cultivating strategic partnerships with organisations with aligned mission. In addition, the momentum and energy present at annual meetings must be maintained throughout the year through expanding opportunities for synchronous and asynchronous collaboration throughout the year.

C. Knowledge

Through the development of a scientific strategy, SESAM will expand the knowledge and understanding of the field through promoting high quality research and optimising the dissemination of knowledge and skills related to simulation-based education and innovation across Europe and beyond.  Promoting excellent safe patient care wherever it is delivered.

D. Access

In an attempt to accelerate the growth of expertise in the design and delivery of simulation-based methodologies SESAM will establish both the tools and the networks to support the collaborative development and sharing of resources.

E. Quality

As the authority on simulation-based methodologies in Europe, SESAM will set and share standards of good practice.

F. Policy

Generate a SESAM-based strong advocacy effort within the EU, other professional associations, developers, and patient associations, to promote quality and patient safety.