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3D Systems is a pioneer for healthcare solutions that improve outcomes which benefit both patients and surgeons. We are dedicated to helping medical professionals train for, plan and practice complex medical procedures. Stop by our booth where you will be able to see our advanced solutions, including:

  • 3D Systems’ Simbionix virtual reality medical simulators for realistic hands-on training of critical skills and full procedures without patient risk.
  • MentorLearn™, our web-based simulator curricula management system. We offer the optimal solution for managing simulation-based training and education needs for the entire line of simulators.
  • PROcedure Rehearsal Studio™, which allows clinicians to create a patient-specific 3D anatomical model (virtual or 3D printed) based on a patient's CT for the purpose of simulating, analyzing and evaluating preoperative endovascular surgical treatment options.
  • D2P (DICOM to PRINT), a stand-alone modular software package designed to address and consolidate all 3D Model preparation steps, which minimizes the effort and time associated with the creation of a patient-specific model.

Our global team works with customers to help navigate technologies and provide support for surgical planning, training, device design, personalized medical technologies and 3D printing.

3B Scientific 2017

3B Scientific delivers innovative solutions to enable realistic medical simulation for healthcare, specialist, and military training worlwide.

We believe that the advancement in medical and healthcare delivery relies on effective and competent training to improve treatment outcomes and minimize the amount of preventable deaths and disabilities.

Visit our booth EX1 and let our staff give you a demo of the new obstetric, gynecologic, surgical, military and imaging simulators developed for extraordinarily realistic training scenarios. We look forward to meeting you.

Visit us online to see all medical simulators or contact us to learn more about complete skill lab solutions.




P: +49-40-73966-221


CAE Healthcare

CAE Healthcare delivers leading-edge simulation training solutions to hospitals, physicians, nurses, students, emergency responders and the military around the world.

With a mission to improve patient safety and outcomes, we develop each product in partnership with clinicians and clinical educators whose aim is to ensure physiological accuracy and educational relevance.

Visit the CAE Healthcare booth to learn about our advanced patient, imaging and surgical simulators, including the new Lucina Fidelis birthing simulator, the gold standard HPS patient simulator as well as the VIMEDIX ultrasound simulator and Blue Phantom ultrasound trainers.

Ask about our Hospital Services solutions for staff assessment, development and validation. Finally make yourself familiar with LearningSpace, our center management solution and Replay, our new debriefing tool.



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iSimulate provides world-class simulation systems that are a realistic and cost-effective solution to organisations across the world. Our mantra is simple – use the best of current mobile technology to create products that are more advanced, simpler to use and more cost-effective than traditional simulation solutions.
Laerdal V3

Laerdal is a global company dedicated to our mission of Helping Save Lives. Our vision is that no one should die or be disabled unnecessarily during birth or from sudden illness or trauma.

For more than 60 years, Laerdal has remained a world leader for healthcare education, training, and therapy solutions. In collaboration with partners, experts, and researchers Laerdal aims to continue to improve and innovate to help save lives. By implementing what has been shown to work within the areas of resuscitation, patient care and global health, we believe we can help save 500,000 more lives, every year.


SimforHealth is a leading provider of innovative digital solutions for improving the training of healthcare professionals. The company works alongside faculties, medical schools, and training organizations to design immersive and interactive solutions for medical education and medical training: virtual consultations, 3D simulators, and virtual reality... Continuously monitoring new technologies, SimforHealth’s medical teams and simulation experts have already trained more than 30,000 healthcare professionals worldwide and are committed to the ethical principle of "Never the First Time with the Patient".

Developed By SimforHealth, MedicActiV is an international medical platform dedicated to creating, consulting and dispatching virtual medical cases. MedicActiV allows all healthcare professionals to get graduate or continuing education while enabling healthcare education institutions to create and publish their own medical cases. 

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SIMStation is Europe´s leading provider of audiovisual systems for simulation in healthcare, keeping the focus where it belongs: perfecting team-performance and operational skills for real-world application! We have passionately refined medical simulation for many years, by creating a one of a kind turn-key system, that works right out of the box. We design sophisticated technology and develop easy to use software, offering a solution that simply bends to your needs. Just like that!


TOPFER MEDICAL GmbH is a European developer and manufacturer of virtual simulators for medical training, founded in 2009.  We produce: Cos-Sim, virtual simulation for injection cosmetology; Leonardo, dental simulator; BESTA, laparoscopic Box-trainer in augmented virtual reality; Tele-Mentor, interactive platform for teacher-free simulation training and objective assessment; LivePalp, abdominal palpation virtually-assisted trainer.  The systems were created and tested with the participation of leading experts of European simulation centres.  Made in Germany

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Gaumard is committed to providing innovative simulation solutions for health care education. Our products are built on a foundation of knowledge and experience in maternal, neonatal, emergency, nursing, respiratory and life support simulation that spans over 65 years. We offer unrivalled Tetherless “Care in Motion” simulation technology. We are pioneers and the industry leaders. Educators worldwide rely on our diverse simulators to train today’s health care students and professionals. Our philosophy remains “Leadership through Innovation.”

Gaumard® Scientific
14700 SW 136 Street
Miami, FL 33196

P:      305.971.3790
F:      305.667.6085


SKILLQUBE Training runs the largest International Training Center (ITC) of the American Heart Association (AHA) in the DACH region. SKILLQUBE is specialized in team-based simulation training and instructor courses for healthcare professionals. Since 2018 also exclusive distributor and developer for sophisticated medical simulation products across europe.

Sectra Education boosts medical education and clinical training at leading institutions and hospitals all over the world using real-life clinical data. Our teaching platform, Sectra Education Portal, lets you access a growing library of quality-assured, premium teaching content from top institutions around the world. This allows teachers, tutors, residents, and students to visualize data from radiology and histology exams during courses and trainings scenarios.



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