SIM University

SimUniversity is an innovative SESAM initiative aimed at creating opportunities for undergraduate healthcare students to take part in a formative educational experience on an international platform, by competing against each other as teams taking part in simulation scenarios.

The competition provides teams of healthcare students from around the world with the opportunity to compete and learn from each other under the supervision of experienced clinical and simulation experts.

SimUniversity will take place during the annual meeting and thus also create an opportunity for students to be exposed to simulation content from international experts.

SimUniversity sessions will be observed by an audience consisting of SESAM annual meeting participants. Both groups have the opportunity to learn throughout the competition; the students by performing the scenarios and the audience by observing the students and considering the scenario design, medical treatment and debriefing styles. All sessions are specifically designed to provide a safe, educational and enjoyable learning environment.  

The competition will consist of eight teams of healthcare students (four or five students per team) and respective mentors. They will compete against each other in preliminary rounds on Wednesday and Thursday. The winning teams from each group will then compete against each other in the finals to determine the SESAM SimUniversity 2021 Champions.

Each team will be confronted with basis clinical emergency scenarios (e.g. resuscitation, allergic shock, myocardial infarction, etc). After every scenario, the team will be debriefed by expert facilitators with a focus on both medical treatment and non-technical skills. The facilitators will identify the winner based on their ratings.

For a conversation about how our virtual platform can deliver an opportunity to participate in SIMUniversity please contact