SiReN aim and objectives

SiReN aim and objectives

SiReN seeks to leverage the considerable expertise in the European simulation community to build simulation research capacity in Europe. Our aim is to develop a simulation research community of practice (CoP), tailored to addressing the diverse context of simulation across Europe, offering various opportunities for engagement:

  • Networking
  • Sharing information
  • Contributing expertise and knowledge sharing
  • Collaborating in multi-centre and/or trans-national research projects
  • Applying for collaborative research grants

SiReN pursues three strategic objectives (SOs):

  • SO 1: Develop research capacity for individual researchers
  • SO 2: Develop masterclasses and longitudinal research fellowship
  • SO 3: Pursue and obtain funding on large-scale and multi-centre projects

To achieve these objectives, we seek to identify and engage simulation practitioners, scholars, and researchers with unique and complementary competencies in key domains (interprofessional collaborative practice, debriefing, team science, etc) and key methodologies (qualitative, quantitative, mixed, design-based research, etc).

Send us a brief letter of interest, through our email: