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SiReN events (online and in person) invite researchers to present their simulation research projects (ALERT presentations) and engage in constructive feedback discussions with experienced simulation researchers. Everyone interested in simulation research and education is encouraged to attend, to network, and to learn with and from their peers.

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What is an ALERT presentation?

An ALERT (Advanced Look Exploratory Research Template) presentation is a 5 minutes presentation that encapsulates either your new simulation-based research idea (as a new ALERT) or your progress in implementing a research project (as a progress report). The idea is to present the distilled essence of your study. The concept of ALERT presentations has been adapted by SiReN on the model developed by our partner research organization, the International Network for Simulation Based Research (INSPIRE, The ALERTs are presented in this format back-to-back. Once the presentation is delivered participants will discuss their project with other participants, receive feedback, and in turn have the opportunity to give feedback to others. Our ultimate goal is to establish a community of practice that promotes learning from each other, creating a solid ground for launching successful single and/or multi-site studies.

When should I submit an ALERT presentation?

Calls for ALERT presentations are shared in time for the SiReN face-to-face annual meeting (at SESAM conference) and otherwise for SiReN online events. If your ALERT is accepted, we will invite you to personally present your work, and will designate a block of time for discussion and networking. Please note that if you accept our invitation to present but later discover that you cannot attend the SiReN meeting, a representative from your team (involved in the project) may present on your behalf. If this occurs, please notify SiReN.

What format should I use for an ALERT presentation?

Please note that there is an ALERT slide template that you are expected to use. In an effort to be more inclusive of qualitative and mixed method studies, the ALERT template includes BOTH the PICO framework for quantitative studies and SPIDER framework for qualitative studies. When preparing your ALERT, simply pick the framework that best fits your study. In order to provide a better understanding of the ALERT process, please consult the ALERT Template to assist you in preparing to submit and to present should your ALERT be accepted.

Past SiReN Events      Future SiReN Events