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The fourth international SimChallenge competition for medical students will take place during SESAM's 23rd Annual Meeting.

Teams will have a chance to compete against each other in challenging simulated clinical scenarios.

All teams must consist of current students from medical professions. They will have to manage not only high-fidelity human patient simulators, but also some standardised patients (SPs). Each team will be expected to record patient medical history, perform a full physical examination and introduce an appropriate treatment to their patients.

The panel of international judges will also be evaluating communication, leadership, teamwork and crisis resource management.

It will be an unforgettable experience, packed with fun!

Please join this event as either a team member or an observer! You can register your team until May 15th 2017 – please CLICK HERE


SimChallenge Organising Committee


1. Michael Czekajlo

2. Marek Dąbrowski

3. Agata Dąbrowska

4. Łukasz Gąsiorowski

5. Grzegorz Cebula

6. Patrycja Marciniak-Stępak

7. Piotr Ziemak

8. Ziemowit Gólski

9. Tomasz Kłosiewicz

10. Martyna Borowczyk