Simulation Program - Hospital Sant Joan de Déu

Reference: SIM-00069

No of courses available: 200

We use simulation to help solve challenges and questions we encounter as a health organisation, to promote change in people, teams, and the entire organization.

Our simulation program is structured in four lines of service: SIMTrain, SIMTest, SIMEngineer and SIMNetwork.

In SIMTrain we run training activities in technical, clinical and relational skills, decision making, teamwork (Crisis Resource Management) and human factors. For faculty development, we run instructor courses jointly with the Boston Children's Hospital Simulator Program.

In SIMTest we use simulation to test workspaces, procedures, equipment, and systems, in order to identify security threats and provide a better experience for professionals, patients, and families.

In SIMEngineer we work on the technical development associated with simulation, to create more realistic environments.

With SIMNetwork we promote stable partnerships with hospitals, universities and other institutions to create experiences tailored to their needs.