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SESAM Supported Working Meetings

The SESAM supported working meetings provide a platform for collaboration, exchange and dissemination of knowledge between SESAM members and beyond. They are a service by SESAM for its members.

SESAM supports the organisation of working meetings

  • financially with up to €2000 per working meeting for travel, material, salaries, etc.
  • by advertising the working meeting
  • by providing logistical and administrative support
  • the certificate provided for workshop participation can carry the SESAM label

Each working meeting and all facilitators shall be acknowledged on the SESAM webpage, in the newsletter and at the general assembly by name and institution. The EC determines the maximum number of workshops that can be funded per year based on the financial situation of SESAM.

The suggested price limit for the participation in a single working meeting by SESAM members is €150.

Below you can download the requirements for organising a SESAM Supported Working Meeting, the application form, as well as a list with topics to stimulate you in finding your own topic.

If you would like to submit an application or have any further questions about the initiative, please contact SESAM's administration:

Further information


Former working meetings

In 2010 1 working meeting was organized in Finland: The second Pre Hospital SESAM Supported Working Meeting was about implementing Human Factors in Pre Hospital Setting.

Click for the report of this working meeting on the link:

In 2008, 3 applications to organise a SESAM Supported Working Meeting were accepted by the SESAM EC, and 2 meetings were conducted: 'Research and Simulation' (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) and 'Pre-hospital Simulation' (Stavanger, Norway). Generally, the meetings received positive feedback from the participants. In addition, a separate meeting has been conducted in Vienna, Austria, with the title 'Paediatric Simulation'.


Below you can find further information on the most recent SESAM Supported Working Meetings