SESAM supports the organisation of high quality events in the field of medical simulation.  Organisers of SESAM Endorsed Meetings are authorised to use the SESAM logo and the sentence "(name of the meeting) is endorsed by SESAM" when marketing their event.

In order to become a SESAM Endorsed Meeting, your meeting is required to comply with the following criteria:

  • At least one member of the organizing committee is active SESAM member
  • The (educational) objectives of the meeting are defined and published
  • The meeting is in principle open to all SESAM members
  • The meeting will be evaluated and the results will be fed back to the SESAM EC
  • A brief report is submitted to the SESAM newsletter including the program, the numbers attending, background (eg doctors, nurses, psychologists, engineers etc) and some interesting aspects that came out of the meeting.
  • Any conflicts of interest are clearly stated.

Please contact SESAM at if you are interested in making your meeting a SESAM Endorsed Meeting.