Aesculap Academy Simulation Centre

Reference: SIM-00095

No of courses available: 7

The Aesculap Academy Simulation Centre is located within the B. Braun Dialog Pavilion built and opened in 2015. Apart of the educational facility, the building includes a dialysis centre and other medical units in the lower floors. The whole 4th floor is dedicated to the needs of the centre. It includes a separate entrance, a reception desk, cafeteria and a cloakroom. The central part contains of two larger meeting rooms for theoretical lectures and debriefings. Both rooms can seat up to 24 people and can be connected to one general room for up to 48 participants. The maximum set up is 70 people in theatre style. The built-in technical equipment also allows us to organize webinars and live streaming events. Two additional workshop rooms (Targon and Vasofix) serve for practical training. Targon workshop room is set up for hands-on trainings in many disciplines – we can use laparoscopic trainers, pelvitrainers, simulated laminar flow box, simulated cytotoxic glove box, suture training materials, artificial bones for traumatology trainings, hand hygiene training equipment, water access for elimination methods etc. The Vasofix workshop room is specifically dedicated to simulation trainings. The main part is equipped with critical care unit set up including an advanced patient simulator Laerdal SimMan 3G. The control room includes the integrated recording and debriefing system. The main part of our course portfolio is focused on hands-on trainings. The simulation centre can provide different specialized workshops focused e.g. on anaesthesiology, intensive care, paediatric intensive care or dialysis. We also offer courses for simulation medicine trainers – intensive workshop covering the whole process of leading a simulation, debriefing and possible difficulties the trainer can experience. The next level is a specialized course focused on the psychological aspect of the simulation courses lead by a psychologist.