Centre de Simulation PRESAGE

Reference: SIM-00030


The PRESAGE simulation center is a department of the Henri Warembourg Faculty of Medicine (Lille University 2) created in 2012.

With more than 11,000 students, the Faculty of Medicine in Lille is the largest medical training and research center in France, in all disciplines.

Part of one of the best French teaching hospitals, the Faculty of Medicine in Lille is fully benefiting from French excellence in care, clinical training and scientific research, in which the PRESAGE simulation center actively contributes.

Located in the research cluster of the Faculty of Medicine of Lille, opposite the Huriez Hospital, in the heart of a leading hospital and university complex, the PRESAGE simulation center intervenes in the training of all medical personnel and paramedical services at the regional level.

It has a platform closest to the hospital environment and the activity of care.