Centre of Simulation Sant Agustí - Campus Docent Sant Joan de Déu

Reference: SIM-00066


No of courses available: 10

Centre of Simulation Sant Agustí- CDSJD was born with two aims:

  1. to train healthcare students in technical and non technical skills
  2. to give solutions to real training needs of healthcare teams.

It is more than 600m square and its structure simulates a hospital care unit.

It has:

  • A nursing control unit
  • A medication preparation room
  • 7 patient rooms where we prepare and simulate different scenarios. For example, a home and community care, hospitalization unit, psichiatry unit, intensive care unit (paediatric and adult), surgery room, anesthesia room, child life or palliative care service.
  • 5 high fidelity adult mannequins, 1 junior mannequin, 1 baby mannequin and several low fidelity mannequins (arms, stomachs, buttocks, etc.)

The team who manage the learning space has 5 members (three simulation instructors, one technic of simulation and one technic of scenario).

We are very grateful to have more than forty healthcare providers who work and believe in the project.