Medical Simulation Center in Lodz

Reference: CSM LODZ


Medical Simulation Center was built in 2017 thanks to European Union founding. Whole project started in 2016 with documents preparation, construction project and intensive employee training. Our staff is trained on medical courses such as: ALS, PALS, ITLS, ETC and simulation courses. Due to this project we trained also other educators which were working on Medical University of Lodz, to prepare them for leading their classes in our center. We start our official activity on 16th of February 2018. Till this moment we have over 8 000 hours direct experience of simulation training for final year medical students.

Our Center is localized in hospital building, what gives more reality to simulation. Thanks to hospital proximity we have also source of oxygen, air and vacuum, so we can use real medical devices such as ventilator, vacuum suction device, etc. We have around 4 000 m2 of training area and: 

  • 11 high fidelity simulation rooms (2-ER, 2-ICU, 1-prehospital area with ambulance, 2-operation theatres, 2-delivery rooms, 2-nursing simulation rooms)
  • 20 skills training rooms ( 4-midwife`s skills, 2-nursing skills, 2-surgical skills, 2-technical skills, 2 – BLS skills, 2-PALS skills, 2-ALS skills, 3-clinical skills)
  • 31 high fidelity human simulators 
  • 6 procedures simulators (2-USG, 2-laparoscopy, 2-broncho /colono/ /gastroscopy).