The SESAM Pre-Hospital Special Interest Group (PH-CoP) is a network of professionals dedicated to simulation in the field of pre-hospital emergency care.  After activities in 2010 and 2011, the group was officially founded in 2012 during the SESAM Annual Meeting in Stavanger.  Since then the PH-CoP has been involved in many different projects to foster the use of simulation for education and research in the field of pre-hospital emergency care.



In accordance with the aims of SESAM, we want to encourage and support the use of simulation especially in the field of pre-hospital emergency care.  We want to provide an interprofessional forum to those involved in any kind of pre-hospital simulation.  We belief simulation as a method of education and research can substantially contribute to excellence in pre-hospital emergency care.

Strategic aims:

  • Raise awareness of the need for simulation in pre-hospital care with the intention of improving patient care.
  • Create and maintain an inter-professional forum dedicated to pre-hospital simulation.
  • To facilitate research dedicated to the use of simulation in pre-hospital care.
  • To help to ensure the promotion of quality assurance in the use of simulation for pre-hospital care. 
  • To be open to work in collaboration with third parties with the aim of improving technologies and techniques with simulation in pre-hospital care. 
  • To help to promote and support the highest levels of educational excellence for simulation in pre-hospital care.


PH-CoP board:


Prof. Lars Lundberg – Professor of Prehospital Emergency Medicine. PreHospen, Centre for Prehospital Research, University of Borås, Sweden.

Vice-Chair: Vitor Almeida, MD – Anaesthesiologist and Emergency Physcian. Anaesthesiology Hospital Viseu, National Institute for Emergency Medicine, Portugal.
Secretary: Ulufer Sivrikaya, MD – Anaesthesiologist. RMK Academy of Interventional Medicine, Education and Simulation (AIMES), Istanbul, Turkey.
Treasurer: Kenneth Krarup – Consultant anaesthetist / Faculty lead, Simulation Centre, Odense University Hospital
Research Advisor:

Prof. Guillaume Alinier – Professor of Simulation in Healthcare Education, University of Herefordshire, United Kingdom.

Also Director of Research, Hamad Medical Corporation Ambulance Service, Doha, Qatar.

Development Advisor: Gertjan Lieftinck – Ambulance, Amsterdam, Netherlands.


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Please see below for a short video about the PH-CoP CPR Quality Study, which was conducted in 2014.