SESAM Newsletter November 2015

Dear friends and colleagues, 

We are aware that SESAM has been quiet throughout November, however, during the preparation of the November Newsletter we received the disastrous news of the Paris attacks. These kinds of tragedies throughout the world are terrible, and we feel deeply for those who lost their lives and the people who mourn the loss of their relatives and friends. Having an incident like this occur in your own country, in front of your eyes, is extremely painful and we hope this kind of terror will end soon so we can live in a peaceful world. 



3rd SESAM-ALASIC Cooperation Meeting

As you know SESAM is working hard to intensify collaborations with National Simulation Societies throughout Europe. The 3rd SESAM-ALASIC cooperation meeting took place on 8-10 November in Santiago-Chile. The first event was in Coimbra (2009) and the second was in São Paulo (2011). The Chilean society organised the 2015 event, with the scientific support of SESAM and ALASIC. SESAM was represented by the past-President; Ralf Krage, a keynote speaker; Peter Dieckmann and a scientific committee member; Francisco Matos. The meeting attracted 335 participants from 13 different countries who had great enthusiasm for simulation. The meeting included 118 posters, 15 workshops and 15 sponsors.    




3rd UAE Clinical Simulation Conference

The 2nd UAE Clinical Simulation Conference which took place in Dubai in February 2015, was the first SESAM MENA Conference. We are happy to announce that the 3rd UAE Clinical Simulation Conference in collaboration with the 2nd SESAM MENA Conference will take place from 23-25 February 2016. The conference will be held at the Dubai Healthcare City (DHCC). To read more information about the conference objectives, please follow this link.



Lisbon Logo

SESAM Annual Meeting Lisbon 2016

We are very excited about our Annual Meeting SESAM 2016, which will be hosted at the Lisbon Congress Centre between 15-17 June 2016. The programme is still in progress but you will soon receive the first anouncement of this event on the Lisbon 2016 website. We will also communicate further news via our Newsletter and look forward to meeting you all in Lisbon. 



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SESAM Membership

Finally, just a reminder that you can now renew your membership at any point during the year. You will benefit from a rollling year membership, rather than a membership that expires at the end of the calendar year. To renew your membership, please click here. Don't forget to ask your friends and colleagues to join the Society!




Antoine Tesniere

President of SESAM