In 2019, SESAM launched the SiReN Research Network, drawing together those with an interest in simulation research across Europe and beyond to push the boundaries of simulation science and pave the way for multi-site projects and programmes of simulation research. Through SiReN and with the support of the Scientific Committee, the SESAM Research Summit 2020 will bring together leaders and emerging scholars in simulation research to think creatively and differently about the future of simulation research, and to develop a shared agenda for research in simulation over the next five years. 


The aim of the SESAM Research Summit are to creatively explore, articulate, and set out a plan for programmes and themes of research needed by the simulation community in Europe. The outputs of the summit will be a shared set of themes for highly impactful simulation research across Europe. The research agenda, which will be documented and published as a result of the meeting, will serve to guide the work of individual researchers, research groups, and collaborative teams over the next several years, supported by and through the SiReN and enabled by the work of the SESAM scientific committee as it plans the upcoming scientific meetings.


The Summit will consist of a day of facilitated workshops where simulation researchers—from across the career spectrum—work together to develop the research agenda. Through this collaborative process, participants will have an opportunity to listen carefully to what colleagues are currently thinking about their own research, learn what next steps might be from different perspectives, consider how we can work together to develop and extend what we already know about simulation, and challenge each other to push ourselves further as a community.


Researchers, scholars, and practitioners with an interest in simulation are all welcome to attend and participate in the SESAM Research Summit 2020. All who attend and participate in the summit will have a chance to be a part of the output, which will aim to be published after the summit.