SESAM - Society in Europe for Simulation applied to medicine


Keynote Speakers 2019

Jessica Mesman

Jessica Mesman is associate professor in the field of Science and Technology Studies (STS) at Maastricht University in Netherlands. She has more than 25 years of experience in ethnographic studies in various countries in health care settings (mainly ICU, OR and Emergency). 

Her work on patient safety is nationally and internationally recognised as progressive by focusing on strengths of practices since the early 2000s and her work on 'exnovation' in particular. She has published widely, given keynote presentations on the topic and has been invited scholar at several international universities around the world. 

Moreover, she is one of the leading scholars in the area in the area of video-reflexive ethnography (VRE), supported hospital simulations, provides courses and team-training in this collaborative, engaged, bottom-up, visual method. She also published several books on this subject in close collaboration with other experts in this area and is one of the initiators of establishing the VRE International Association (VREIA). On basis of her expertise she is also officially affiliated with the Mayo Clinic, Rochester, USA.