SimUniversity 2019 Teams


The Tübingen SimUniversity Team consists of 5 medical students with backgrounds in nursing and emt who are in their final years of medical  school and share a keen interest in medical simulation. Driven by the possibility to learn and exchange knowledge they look forward to share the european spirit.

Andrea Schirner - Mentor

Anna Ehrhardt

Marc Haefeker

Dorothea Hegele

Julian Mayer

Mark Simon



The team representing Italy for SESAM 2019 was created during the Italian National SIMCUP, a cultural and training-based simulation event for students and residents in medicine and nursing. The top four ranking medical students were chosen: Niccolò, Katerina and Giulia from Humanitas University and Mattia from Università del Piemonte Orientale. 

Federico Barra - Mentor

Luca Carenzo - Mentor

Mattia Ferrari

Katerina Negri

Niccolo Stomeo

Giulia Tarantola



Code Coimbra are named on behalf of our beloved city, born from the passion of knowledge and the will to learn. We are students from the fifth and mainly sixth and final year of medical school who want to learn the most they can in simulation to excel when reality comes.

Gustavo Norte - Mentor

Sofia Brasil

Ana Patrícia Silva

João Nuno Soares

João Pedro Teixeira



Esther Leon Castelao - Mentor

Miguel Bardaji

Eduardo Bermudez

Alejandro Martin Damian

Manuel Garcia Gonzalez

Hi everybody! We are five medical students from Nursing and Medicine and finishing our degrees. Attending SimUniversity 2019 is a great opportunity to improve our skills, learn about our weaknesses and share knowledge and experiences with our colleges. We are yearning to start!


The Netherlands

Our team consists of five devoted bachelor and master students: Erik, Michiel, Boukje, Jasmijn and Fereshte. We are a well-driven, multidisciplinary team with a shared interest in acute medicine. We find team bonding just as important as training, to enhance a better understanding of each other's strenghts, weaknesses and interests. We won the Dutch SimOlympics, and are very honoured to meet the other teams in Glasgow. 

Fereshte Doyst - Mentor

Jasmijn Bergwerff

Boukje Bootsma

Erik Donker

Michiel Schinkel



Our group is composed of four last-year medical students with an anesthesiologist as mentor, exclusively formed to participate in the SimUniversity 2019. We all are coming from Hacettepe University, Turkey and feeling very enthusiastic about using various simulations in medical education.

Filiz Uzumcugil - Mentor

Sare Demirtas

Emirhan Eskicioglu

Erencan Karakoc

Deniz Yas


United Kingdom

David Grant - Mentor

Emily Batt

Benjamin (Ben) Crawshaw

Rumnique Hulliat

Ellen James

Andrew McGaughey