Dr Stefan Monk, DEAA - Past President

Stefan Mönk is an anesthesiologist and a specialist in Emergency Medicine.  He also holds an additional diploma from the European Academy of Anesthesiologists (DEAA).  For several years, he has worked in the German Air Rescue service and has been Chief Emergency Physician of the City of Mainz, Germany.

In 1977, Stefan Mönk co-founded the Mainz Simulation Center of the department of Anesthesiology at the University of Mainz in Germany, where he worked as senior consultant in anesthesia.  This was the first centre that used full-scale, physiologically model-driven simulators in continental Europe.  At this centre, he began to actively pursue his genuine interest in Medical Education with simulation to promote patient safety.  During that time, he initiated and conducted numerous simulation classes either as a facilitator or course director.  Thereafter, he focused on developing simulation education and contributed his knowledge and experience by creating courses to train-the-trainer for doctors and staff.

After that Stefan Mönk joined AQAI Simulation Centre in Mainz, a privately owned company from which he moved on to METI, now CAE Healthcare.

For CAE he is currently working on several projects in the business expansion and development of education technology and content.  He currently hold the position of Manager, Healthcare Academy - International and OEM Sales.

Stefan Mönk is also ac active member of several organisations:

  1. CAE's educational faculty;
  2. European Society of Intensive Care Medicine where he transformed PACT training program (Patient-Centred Acute Care Training) to a simulation curriculum (PACT Simulation Learning Module);
  3. SESAM (Society in Europe for Simulation Medicine) for which he was President from 2003 to 2005.  SESAM has held their annual meeting in the Mainz Simulation Centre twice;
  4. SSH (Society for Simulation in Healthcare), has been a member of the consultant committee for the founding, and has acted in several program chair positions during its meetings;
  5. DGAI (German Society for Anesthesia and Intensive Care) for which he coordinated the initiative for simulation in all German Medical Universities.  The group currently proposes undergraduate and postgraduate curriculum in anesthesia;
  6. HPSN Europe (Human Patient Simulation Network) for which he was co-host since 2005.

Other activities Stefan Mönk has authored, co-authored and contributed to include the following:

  1. The German requirements for Simulation in Anesthesia of the DGAI;
  2. Chapters in several book publications relevant to simulation in medicine;
  3. Austral-Asian College of Emergency Medicine development of nationwide training for emergency physicians.

Stefan Mönk's main professional interest and focus is essentially to positively improve and impact the level of Medical Education for ultimately promoting healthcare and patience safety through simulation.  Human Factors and Crisis Resource Management are equally important topics to him, as well as learning and teaching traditional medical content.  The use of technology to achieve his goal should never be an end in itself, however in his view it is certainly instrumental and absolutely essential.