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Simulation Centre Networking Project

We are inviting all Simulation Centres throughout Europe, both large and small to present their centre and the courses run for inclusion in a Simulation Centre Network.  This is accessible to everyone via our website and we believe will provide:

  • better communication with Simulation enthusiasts.
  • information sharing between Simulation Centres.
  • an updated list of Simulation Centres in Europe.

To make and application please click here

 If you have any questions please contact


Paris, France

Department de Simulation - iLumens

InPASS Marcus Rall Institute for Patient Safety & Simulation Team Training

Reutlingen, Germany

INPASS is dedicated to improve patient safety & teamwork in all medical teams. Founder & director of InPASS Marcus Rall is in simulation & patient safety since more than 20 years.

Institut Toulousain de Simulation en Santé

Toulouse, France

Institut Toulousain de Simulation en Santé specialise in everyday courses with a very multifunctional platform. They work on standardized patient programs with Hospitals, Medicine Schools, Nurse Schools and Private Health Providers.

Institute of Medical Practice (Nipro)

Nipro is a leading global healthcare company dedicated to developing and delivering innovative and patient-oriented solutions for healthcare professionals, patients, and the pharmaceutical industry around the world. Nipro is committed to positive patient outcomes and improved quality of life.