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Simulation Centre Networking Project

We are inviting all Simulation Centres throughout Europe, both large and small to present their centre and the courses run for inclusion in a Simulation Centre Network.  This is accessible to everyone via our website and we believe will provide:

  • better communication with Simulation enthusiasts.
  • information sharing between Simulation Centres.
  • an updated list of Simulation Centres in Europe.

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Moscow, Russian Federation

The Simulation and Assessment Center MENTOR MEDICUS was organized by the Sechenov First Moscow Medical University in 2007, at that time as a center for basic medical skills training. Today this is one of the biggest Institutions of this type in Russia, occupies nearly 1,500 square meters – a floor of the Russian Central Medical Scientific Library and services. The Simulation Center in the "Sechenov First Med" provides annual training for thousands of trainees - medical students and doctors by CME programs. Among of numerous Skill Labs for different specialties we facilitate entire an Virtual Hospital – a complex structure replicating the logistic of universal hospital. It replicates Emergency Admittance, Shock Room, Diagnostic Department, Operation Theater with Hybrid OR, Obstetrics Delivery Ward, ICU, Post-OP Recovery Ward and Doctor's Offices. A separate room is dedicated for the casualty training by disasters or car accidents – here the numerous realistic emergency scenarios can be represented "in field" and after pre-hospital aid the victims are transported by the realistic ambulance to the Virtual Hospital.

NAW Berlin

We are specialised on in- and out-of-hospital emergency settings. We have built an emergency room, operation room and ICU for our trainings. Soon we will use VR technology in our courses. Actually we are in process to become an accredited Simulation Centre.

NoDE institute Simulation Center

Athens, Greece

NoDE institute Simulation Center is a branch of NoDE institute, a non-profit organization with a mission to promote medical education. The simulation center started operating in the second quarter of 2018. We provide mainly laparoscopic surgical skills training, and are in the process of integrating further medical simulation courses, including BLS and ALS instruction for doctors and nurses, as well as team training in ER, OR and ICU setting scenarios.

Normandie Simulation en Santé

Caen, France

Normandie Simulation en Santé (NorSimS) is the simulation center for Université Normandie Caen and the University Hospital of Caen since 2009. From Anesthesia and Intensive Care, it have quickly grow up in activity and diversity. It is now offering initial and continue education to healthcare provider in center and in situ. Area of training are Anesthesia and Intensive Care, Neonatology, Pediatric, Obstetrics and Gynecology, Emergency Medicine, Radiology, Hepato-Gastroenterology, Radiology, Nephrology and breaking bad news. NorSimS is also offering short and long instructor trainings. NorSimS welcome fellows in simulation since 2017. NorSimS is developing research in simulation and always willing to be involve in education and research networks.