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Simulation Centre Networking Project

We are inviting all Simulation Centres throughout Europe, both large and small to present their centre and the courses run for inclusion in a Simulation Centre Network.  This is accessible to everyone via our website and we believe will provide:

  • better communication with Simulation enthusiasts.
  • information sharing between Simulation Centres.
  • an updated list of Simulation Centres in Europe.

To make and application please click here

 If you have any questions please contact

Center for Medical Simulation, Faculty of Medicine, University of Debrecen

Debrecen, Hungary

The Center for Medical Simulation at the Faculty of Medicine, University of Debrecen has been established in 2012. The Center is an independent organizational unit to provide skills education, simulation and training facility for the clinical departments of the Faculty of Medicine. For basic surgical education and surgical skill training a separate department, the Department of Operative Techniques and Surgical Research is dedicated.

Centre de SIMulation à l'URGence extra-hospitalière de l'ENSOSP

Aix En Provence - Les Milles, France

The ENSOSP trains 25,000 professional firefighters French officers, volunteers and the health service. The training provided are designed to meet the employers orders (SDIS ) in terms of managerial and operational quality and adaptability, and the Civil Security Department (DSC) in normative and prospective terms. Creuset initiatives and partnerships and institutional approaches, the school also supports the training advisers and offers high-level training through specialized Masters (risk management, law of civil security, CBRNE).

Centre de Simulation Médicale Interdisciplinaire de LiègE - (SMILE)

The SMILE is dedicated to teaching, scientific research and community services mainly in acute care. We engage in hi-fi simulation, simulation with standardized patients and using virtual reality.

Centre de Simulation PRESAGE

Lille, France